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Skinners Athleisure Granite Gray

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You’ll find out another reason for loving Skinners as soon as you take them for a walk...

As our feet contain up to 200 thousand nerve endings, wearing Skinners brings you the unique RealFeelTM experience – the possibility of experiencing all there is under our feet – while keeping the basic protective features of footwear. Like Leonardo da Vinci, we believe that “the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”. We at Skinners strive to effectively protect this masterpiece and enhance the amazing features it offers us.

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Skinners - Athleisure Granite Gray ID:

XS - 8594190390314

S - 8594190390352

M - 8594190390390

L - 8594190390437

XL - 8594190390475

XLL - 8594190390512

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